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Hello everyone.

   As a child we all have dreams to achieve.But those remain as an imagination at the moment you grownup.But what really happens between childhood and the adulthood that made us to forget who we really meant to be?

   How much time we really spend time to achieve our dream?Whether we tried our utmost to make it reality?Whether we put maximum effort to chase our dream?

     If I ask these questions to myself, the answer will be “Zero”.

    We never want to do one thing. We always wish to do all things.When the needle points to me, I generously accept the fact.

     After I completed my schooling, I decided to do what I was passionate about. My passion was to be an Archaeologist. But I wasn’t able to progress it in my way. Finally, I ended-up with completing my graduation in Aeronautics. After I graduated from college I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career.But then I started my career in Software field.

But I failed to realize what i really meant to be.Maybe it is the reality of life that makes us push aside from what we really want.But then I gave up in all the fields i get into. 

    Sometimes life remains miserable.We cannot hold and control ourselves.We need someone to wake up us and remind about who you are and what you are capable of.Sometimes the person may be your friend or even be a stranger. But others can never always be the one who woke up us .Sometimes you should be the one who can help you.No one can help you better than you do.

   We always look for the easier road in life.But as you proceed along the road you will realize that taking the easier path is a biggest mistake of your life.We build ourselves a small world that trap you inside a roof.We think we make yourself safe from the outside world, but we forget to know that we build yourself a prison.

    But if you really want to chase your dream you should shatter the roof you build  around yourself.






Hi all this is my second blog. For the last two days, i stood clueless about how and where should i begin my blog. Since I was new to blogging I had random questions scratching my head.I wish to share those questions.

What content do I want to produce?

What i should not write?

Whether it has a point to tell?

What if personal blogging affects my privacy?

Whether i will be able to plunge out of my hesitance to share my feelings?

Whether I will be lucky enough to get views and comments for my post?

Whether i have to focus on money blogging or for satisfactions i get through sharing my feelings? 

Finally loneliness inside me burst out.Then i asked myself that whether I am going to stand by watching others or pull myself out of this circle . Then i realized “Sometimes questions are complicated and the answers are simple”

One step out of my comfort zone

Hi. This is my first blog.  I wish to share my first experience of stepping out of my comfort zone.As like others, i also stick to those words ” I cannot” “It s too difficult”. But I forget to realize that because i roof myself within the zone ,am unable to focus on my dreams which Iam yearning to achieve.

And it happened nearly before 6months. I and my husband was on the way to Malaysia. It was my first experience to travel out of my nativetown. Starting your life in a new place which differs in every aspect and the way ,you lived from your childhood.Every one dream and even get excited to move to foriegn lands.Even i was most excited.But I feel afraid, uncomfortable just because everything was not familiar to me. Moving from a zone where I was surrounded by my relatives and friends to a new place with peoples from different parts of the world makes my confident level descend.

Oneday I recieved a call from my grab driver which was booked by my husband to pick up him from his workstation.As he talked in his fast pace in his slang I felt really helpless as if i was unable to convey what i have to.At that time I realize the knowledge i gained from the past 21 years of classroom teaching went wrong at the right time when it has to be and my lack of focus in managing my own things.This experience made me think about filling the gap between I cannot and I will by sculpting my knowledge to the next phase.And this is the reason which motivates me to start writing blogs.